Carry knives that you will need to survive any issue. From combat to military knives there is so many different variation to choose from. You need a blade that will stand any rough condition. High carbon steel blade for knives is the choice

Finding military knives for sale is not an easy task. Therefore, on this blog, we have gathered some of the best military and combat knife that are both affordable and durable. Featuring many different brands like cold steel, and gerber, the knife blog is an awesome place to find knives.

What does a soldier need to survive in a gruesome battle? A strong weaponry. A gun will not last forever. You will run out of ammo. Therefore, it is a must that marine is equipped with a tool such as a knife to assist him/her in any dangerous situation. Get a military combat knife for survival needs.

A combat knife is a blade that is designed for only one purpose in mind: total dominance in a battlefield. However, this does not simply mean military knives for close-combat battle, but blades that can be utilized for survival as well as tactical needs. There are parties within the country that believe there is no place for knife in our society, but the fact is that from hunting a game for dinner to thriving in a survival situation, knife is a tool that is a must have equipment.

Military Combat Knives

Description: Fixed Blade Combat Knife

A sleekly designed fixed blade knife with a sharp drop point edge. It is equipped with a 440 stainless steel blade, and it has a nicely structured finger grove and well built gimping to provide that comfortable grip. The curvature of the full tang blade adds an additional beauty to the design along with olive colored lanyard and handle grip. Plus, it comes with a Kydex sheath

Overall Length: 8.00″
Blade Edge: 3.5″
Material: Stainless Steel
Sheath: Included

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Not all knives are made in a similar fashion. Every knife is designed with certain principle in mind and is structured to provide the balance and sharpness for a specific task. Whether it is a fixed blade military knife or a pocket combat knife, the one that will suit your need depends on the purpose of use as well as personal choice.


Military Combat Knives

Description: Full Tang Survival Combat Knife

A strongly built full tang knife with a razor sharp blade. Featuring a 440 stainless steel blade with aluminum handle to provided that strong and comfy grip, this full tang knife is a beast in a marine’s arsenal.  Not only does it have that survival feel, but consider it as a perfect tactical tool. The curved drop point blade with a sawback serration adds an additional power to this ultimate knife. The blade is sharp plain edged and can easily be sharpened for more cutting power.

Overall Length: 12.00″
Blade Edge: Plain Sharp Edge with SawBack
Material: Stainless Steel
Sheath: Included

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Some of the factors to consider when looking for that perfect knife:

Length: Large blades are able to perform heavy duty task and can provide that extra edge in a combat. However, carrying a large blade might not always the best choice as it take space and is probably heavy. For an everyday carry knife, 3-4 inch length is a perfect choice.

Blade Style: Is it a clip point or the tanto style? The style of the blade is an important factor to consider when choosing a knife. Many knife users are concerned about the ease of sharpening when choosing a blade style. However, there is not much of a difference and it all boils down to personal preference and comfort. Check out our Cool Knives section, too!. If you are looking for that tactical look, tanto blades have good choices. Also, see our Rambo Knife category for more awesome tactical knives.

Pocket knife has become the greatest companion of men and women since humans first stepped out of their caves. Besides being a tool which can be of use in many different situations, it also ensures your safety in times of trouble. Need a reason to carry one. Here is list of benefits for carrying a pocket knife.

Open boxes without struggle:

You may have faced situations where you feel frustrated watching one of your friend struggling hard to open a box or package. This annoyance is something which can be avoided by just carrying your favorite pocket knife wherever you go.

Military Pocket Knives

Description: Every-Day Carry Military Pocket Knife

An edc knife installed with assisted mechanism that allows easily deployment of blade under any situation. Equipped with a half serrated stainless steel blade, the knife provides a sharp multipurpose  edge, and it has a well made black aluminum handle that features a pocket clip, glass smasher, and cutter.  For those looking for an everyday carry knife, this will be an excellent companion. The black textured handle and the black coated high carbon steel blade gives it a 5-star tactical combat look.

Overall Length: 8.00″ Open
Blade Edge: 3.5″
Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel
Features: Pocket Clip, Cutter, Smasher

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An attempt to enjoy time with friends camping at a holiday destination without pocket knives is generally regarded as an unpardonable offense to oneself. From protecting yourself from wandering animals trying to harm you to preparing something for food, there are numerous uses.

Fishing for a meal:

Pocket knives are considered to be the must-haves in a fisherman’s kit. In a survival situation you need food and waterfront is the best place to prepare a healthy meal and for that you need nice blade. Even if you avoid all the tasks like cutting line or a hook, you may need it at least to open a can or a drink bottle.

Military Folding Knives

Description: Military Combat Folding Knife

An easy to use folding knife with some special features. It has a half serrated stainless steel blade, which also features a string cutter by the tang. The knife features an elegantly designed aluminum handle that is equipped with a pocket clip allowing maximum portability. It also features a belt cutter and lanyard hole.  The false serration on the back of the blade gives the structure of the whole blade a sturdy look.

Overall Length: 8.50″ Open
Blade Edge: 3.5″
Material: Black Coated Stainless Steel
Features: Pocket Clip, Cutter, Lanyard Hole, String Cutter

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As a first-aid tool:

Injuries happen quite naturally when having a good time along with friends or camping as part of a mission in collaboration with an organization. Just being asked to bandage your friend’s wound is sure to remind you of your choice pocket knife. Pocket knives are also ideal choice to carry on a trip. From cutting out .

Military Combat Survival

How would you defend yourself when you are in a middle of battlefield without any ammo? Without a combat knife on your side, things can get pretty harsh out there. A pocket knife is compact and can be stored easily. And with the latest technology in hand, many combat knives comes with unique features that will ensure you have everything to survive under critical situations.

Types of knives

Pocket knives are available in a variety of designs and shapes. Just evaluate your requirements and go for the one which is perfect for you.

  1. Traditional pocket knife:

With just a handle and a blade, this is one among the most simple and may be the outdated types of pocket knives available in the market. This is the best if you just want a simple knife which sits comfortably in your pocket.

  1. Assisted Opening Knives:

Presently, assisted knives have taken over the knife market like a storm. Equipped with a spring- mechanism, these blades are fast and efficient. Deployment of these knives in an emergency situations is only seconds away.